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Pilates Swan Exercise (Harris Pilates)

The Pilates Swan

Introducing The Pilates Swan:
A dynamic exercise designed to strengthen the back muscles and mobilise the spine. This exercise promotes spinal flexibility, enhances core stability, and fosters mind-body awareness.

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General Outline

1. Begin in a prone start position, with hands beneath shoulders and elbows close to the body.

2. Sequentially lift your gaze, nose, chin, and chest away from the mat.

3. Maintain a strong abdominal connection throughout the movement to maintain a connection that provides stability and support for the lower back whilst enhancing control and precision.

4. Use your arms to support you as you extend further, gradually lifting higher as you find more upper spine extension, opening across the front of your chest and shoulders.

5. To return, bend the arms and slide the ribs, chest, chin, nose, and gaze back underneath to return to your neutral spine.

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