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Success by Sarah: Holistic Success & Wellness Coach

Holistic Success & Wellness Coach

Empower your journey with tailored holistic solutions for busy people. Achieve balance, boost productivity, and elevate well-being amidst your hectic schedule.

Recognise that prioritising self-care is not a luxury, but awards success. Let me guide you towards achieving crucial steps to harmony in mind, body, work, and life.

Where to start?

Click this link first 🔗 life/work balance awaits.

Sarah Harris: Holistic Success & Wellness Coach
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What resonates with you?

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Earn from social media

Earn money from working online & work from anywhere! Work remotely & monetise social media traffic, giving you more time to enjoy life & spend with your loved ones. This is exactly how I started, & you can do it too. You can even work one-on-one with my mentorSay 'YES SARAH' & click here to watch a short video.

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Cobra Pose

Use Pilates to help YOU

With expertise as a 2nd Generation Master Pilates Teacher, I can attest to the transformative benefits of Pilates for achieving mind-body balance.

Offer: Free code & link for an online Pilates session.

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Reading Books in Library

Books for Success

Explore my handpicked selection of success-focused reads to fuel your path to greatness.

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Singing Bowl_edited.jpg

Sound Therapy

Enhance your energy

Rejuvenate & enhance your energy levels and promote your mental clarity, allowing for heightened productivity and a renewed sense of vitality in your demanding schedules.

Natural Stream

Healthy Living Hacks

Simplify Wellness

Discover shortcuts to vibrant living with our healthy living hacks, simplifying wellness to fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.

Sarah HARRIS - Holistic Success & Wellness Coach

Women's Health

Sharing my story & tips

Born with a fused lower back and having to wear a back brace as a teenager, fertility issues, cysts, polycystic ovaries, 3x cesareans, total hysterectomy at 44 and then plunged into total menopause. How I keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Surf Point

Unleash Your Online Potential

Embark on a transformative journey with our unparalleled mentorship program, offering top-tier guidance and support to unlock your earning potential, fuel your entrepreneurial success, and work online from anywhere.

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Stan Store - Sarah

Resources for Success

Elevate your strategy with these invaluable resources tailored to empower your entrepreneurial journey.

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Deep Dive into YOU with Success By Sarah your Holistic Success and Wellness Coach

Deep Dive

All About YOU

Embark on a transformative journey to uncover your past, present, and future aspirations for greater success. I can help you clarify your thoughts for your next step in life with this deep dive into you.

Healing Stones

Resonance Tray

What are you drawn to today?

A resonance tray enhances balance by synergising chosen elements like crystals and affirmations, offering a harmonising boost to your well-being.

Family Soccer

Work, Home, Life Balance

Harmonise These Essential Areas

Achieve harmony by setting boundaries, prioritising tasks, practicing self-care, and nurturing relationships. I have three kids - I get it!

Sarah Harris & Family

Find out more about me!

Embark on Your Holistic Success Journey: Transform your life inside and out with expert guidance...with me as your "Holistic Success & Wellness Coach". My Story...

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Working at a Cafe

Want to work from anywhere?

Considering self-employment or seeking a work-life balance revamp? Working from home/anywhere can be a game-changer!

On this page, you will find many DIRECT links to other businesses that offer affiliate programmes or ways to make money online.

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Stress Management

Navigate your challeneges

A holistic approach to stress management addresses the whole person, integrating techniques like mindfulness, exercise, and nutrition to promote balance and resilience.

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Meditating on Bed


Take time for you

Taking time to meditate offers you a mental reset, helping with clarity and resilience to navigate daily challenges with renewed focus and calm.


Breath Exercises

Elevate Your Performance

Unlock peak performance and unwavering focus with each deliberate breath: your gateway to professional excellence and mind body well-being.

Walking Club

Fresh Air

Walk, Run, Be

Fresh air during a walk or run daily is vital as it helps clear the mind, boost mood, and replenish oxygen levels, promoting overall well-being and rejuvenation.

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Movement & Wellness for Children

Success By Sarah is for adults...Pilatecise is for children and helps parents and educators pass on the message of wellness to the young people in our lives. An innovative approach to children's fitness and mindfulness through Pilates inspired movements and so much more.  We use superpowers and magical worlds to ignite our imagination.

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